30, Jul 2022
Google releases July 2022 product reviews update

The rollout of this, the fourth Google product reviews upgrade, will take two to three weeks.

The fourth iteration of Google’s “Product Reviews Update” has started to roll out. This update to the search ranking algorithm aims to rank web pages that are connected to product reviews and are most beneficial to users. The first update to the product reviews went live on April 8, 2021, the second on December 1, 2021, the third on March 23, 2022, and now the fourth on July 27, 0222. The updated product reviews for July 2022 is what’s new.

Google tweeted about this improvement and made reference to the typical help page on how to write product reviews.

Updated Google product reviews. The Google product reviews update seeks to highlight review content that is superior to much of the pre-written data you encounter online. According to Google, it will prioritise these product reviews in the order of search results.

Google does not specifically penalise evaluations of inferior products that have “thin material that merely summarises a handful of products.” However, it will undoubtedly feel like a penalty if you produce such material and discover that your rankings have fallen as a result of other content being promoted above yours. Technically, Google maintains, there is no penalty applied to your material; rather, Google just gives higher results to sites with more insightful review content.

Technically speaking, this upgrade should only have an effect on content that reviews products, not other kinds of content.

what’s novel. Contrary to the March product reviews update, it appears that no specific ranking criterion changed with this update. Google is probably just updating the algorithm and making minor changes.

the launch. According to Google, this deployment will take “two to three weeks to complete.” It should not be surprising that this will take a few weeks since core updates and these both typically take longer. The majority of the ranking fluctuation is likely to occur in the initial phases of this rollout, as you should anticipate.

What are the effects? Google added they have seen “positive effects” from this update in the past and the search giant “plans to open up product review support for more languages” in the future. Google said this update may in the future impact those who “create product reviews in any language,” but Google said the initial rollout will be “English-language product reviews.”